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Optic Disc Drusen

Specialty: Glaucoma
Type: Grand Rounds
Include in Catalogue?: Yes
Presenter(s): Kay T. Khine, MD
Faculty Discussant(s): Anna K. Junk, MD; Carlos E. Mendoza Santiesteban, MD
Presenter/Faculty: Junk, Khine, Mendoza Santiesteban
Optic Disc Drusen Routine eye exam of a 58-year-old African-American female revealed small discs with visible optic disc drusen, for which she had been monitored with visual fields. Her best-corrected visual acuity was 20/20 and intraocular pressure was 19 in both eyes. Visual fields were concernin…

Sterile Endophthalmitis

Type: Grand Rounds
Include in Catalogue?: Yes
Presenter(s): Stanley S.K. Park, MD
Faculty Discussant(s): Harry W. Flynn, Jr., MD
Presenter/Faculty: Flynn, Park
Sterile Endophthalmitis Post-injection sterile endophthalmitis is an acute intraocular inflammation of the vitreous cavity that resolves without the need of intravitreal antibiotics and/or vitreoretinal surgery. Differentiating between infectious and sterile endopthalmitis is often difficult and no…

Pseudoangiomatous Retinal Gliosis

Specialty: Ocular Oncology
Type: Grand Rounds
Include in Catalogue?: Yes
Presenter(s): Rehan M. Hussain, MD
Faculty Discussant(s): J. William Harbour, MD
Presenter/Faculty: Harbour, Hussain
Pseudoangiomatous Retinal Gliosis A 54-year-old Hispanic male presented with decreased vision in the right eye over 3 months. Dilated fundus exam of the right eye showed a geographic area of chorioretinal alteration in the far temporal periphery at 9 o’clock, a gliovascular retinal mass superiorl…

Conjunctival Keratoacanthoma

Type: Grand Rounds
Include in Catalogue?: Yes
Presenter(s): Ann V. Quan, MD
Faculty Discussant(s): Sander R. Dubovy, MD; Carol L. Karp, MD
Presenter/Faculty: Dubovy, Karp, Quan
Conjunctival Keratoacanthoma Keratoacanthoma (KA) is an epithelial tumor characterized by rapid, abundant growth and a potential for spontaneous resolution. It typically occurs on the skin in sun-exposed areas such as the face, neck, and hands. Rarely it can occur on the conjunctiva and vulvar regi…

Thyroid Eye Disease

Type: Grand Rounds
Include in Catalogue?: Yes
Presenter(s): Alexandra E. Levitt, MD, MPH
Faculty Discussant(s): Chris R. Alabiad, MD
Presenter/Faculty: Levitt, Alabiad
Thyroid Eye Disease A 57-year-old woman with PMH of hyperthyroidism presents with eye pain, swelling, and blurry vision worsening for 3 weeks. Exam revealed severe proptosis, exposure keratopathy, orbital congestion, and markedly reduced visual acuity. CT and laboratory were workup consistent with …