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  • Grand Rounds

    A child with a history of full-term birth complicated by arrest of descent and resolved neonatal seizure with normal MRI and EEG was referred for evaluation of nystagmus. An examination under anesthesia was required, during which an electroretinogram demonstrated mildly reduced rod amplitudes and borderline combined amplitudes, and the fundus exam revealed temporal dragging and straightening of vessels with shallow retinal detachment in the right eye, and a fibrovascular plaque in the left eye. After repeat examination under anesthesia, a diagnosis of familial exudative vitreoretinopathy was made and the patient received laser photocoagulation to areas of retinal ischemia in both eyes. Serial examinations under anesthesia were performed, with further laser photocoagulation and intravitreal anti-VEGF injection. The patient continues to have close follow-up.

    Presentation Date: 07/29/2021
    Issue Date: 09/24/2021