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    A patient presents with vision loss in both eyes that progressively worsens over the course of 11 months to bilateral diffuse exudates with a unilateral exudative retinal detachment. Medical history was most significant for recurrent chronic pancreatitis, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, and diabetes mellitus. The patient was treated with anti-VEGF injections with improvement of exudates and vision. Purtscher’s and Purtscher’s-like retinopathy can mimic other more common conditions such as CRVO. Key findings that differentiate the two are the presence or absence of Purtscher flecken as well as the degree of hemorrhages present. Overall, CRVO is a much more common diagnosis. Patients with CRVO with triglyceridemia may be at a higher risk for diffuse exudates and exudative retinal detachments. These patients should be treated with anti-VEGF therapies.

    Presentation Date: 11/09/2023
    Issue Date: 12/08/2023