A patient with past medical history of hypothyroidism, DVT, Basal Cell Carcinoma and past ocular history of birdshot chorioretinitis, severe uveitic glaucoma, and visually significant bilateral cataracts underwent uneventful combined cataract extraction with intraocular lens implantation of the left eye with goniotomy. Six weeks later, patient underwent the same procedure in his right eye and presented post-operative day 1 with decreased vision in his right eye. Visual acuity in the right eye was LP versus 20/25+2 in the left eye. Intraocular pressures were 10 in both eyes. Slit lamp examination revealed a full hyphema with dehemoglobinized blood inferiorly. The hyphema was managed medically and followed every few days initially and then weekly until marked improvement occurred. By post-operative month 3, hyphema and spillover vitreous hemorrhage were both fully resolved, and VA was 20/25+2 in the right eye.

Presentation Date: 04/21/2022
Issue Date: 05/06/2022

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