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  • Grand Rounds

    An elderly patient presented with two years of chronic pain in an otherwise healthy-appearing anophthalmic socket after enucleation. CT orbits was obtained which showed two hyperdense cystic lesions superior and posterior to the orbital implant. Orbital exploration was performed, the cysts were excised, and the implant was removed. On pathology, the cysts were composed of non-keratinizing, stratified epithelium consistent with conjunctival tissue. Pain resolved after surgical removal of the cysts. While few cases of cysts forming anterior to the orbital implant have been reported, there are no cases in the current literature of cysts occurring in the orbit posterior to the implant. This case emphasizes the importance of imaging in the work-up and management of chronic orbital pain.

    Presentation Date: 06/03/2021
    Issue Date: 06/18/2021