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    A 17-month-old girl presented with her mother for evaluation of birthmarks that appeared shortly after birth. The patient was born at 38 weeks gestation weighing 7.2 lb. via C-section. Examination disclosed multiple confluent hemangiomas involving the right cheek, upper and lower eyelids, brow and forehead, and the left upper eyelid, brow and forehead. The lesions caused mechanical ptosis in both eyes. The patient had previously been diagnosed with infantile hemangiomas with a negative systemic evaluation and had received systemic and topical beta-blocker therapy, systemic and topical corticosteroids, and systemic sirolimus. Due to the inadequate response, we proceeded with a series of intralesional corticosteroid injections.

    Presentation Date: 11/19/2020
    Issue Date: 05/28/2021