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Basal Cell Carcinoma

Type: Grand Rounds
Presenter(s): Nathan Pirakitikulr, MD, PhD
Faculty Discussant(s): Sara Tullis Wester, MD, FACS
Basal Cell Carcinoma A 73-year-old female presented to clinic with a large ulcerated lesion involving the forehead, glabella, upper eyelids and extending towards the medial canthi bilaterally. The lesion had been present and growing for over 19 years, but the patient was reluctant to seek medical c…

Congenital Zika Syndrome

Type: Grand Rounds
Presenter(s): Nish Patel, MD
Faculty Discussant(s): Sander R. Dubovy, MD
Congenital Zika Syndrome A 20 m/o female presented to an eye clinic in Colombia for a follow-up eye exam. Ocular examination revealed a normal anterior segment exam, but fundus photos displayed focal pigment mottling in the macula bilaterally. These ocular findings were attributed to ocular involve…