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    A patient presented to the glaucoma service with episodes of transient, monocular vision loss, associated with eye color change from blue to brown. Episodes at gradual onset and resolution, lasting hours in duration. Extensive lab and imaging work-up were unrevealing. Examination revealed best corrective vision of 20/15 in both eyes and intraocular pressure of 13 and 10, respectively. Gonioscopy revealed an open angle, with heavily pigmented angle in the affected eye. Slit lamp examination revealed light colored irises bilateral, but with transillumination defect of the iris and a 1-piece intraocular lens with haptic in the sulcus. Personal photographs taken during episodes of transient vision loss were reviewed and demonstrated a unilateral hyphema in the affected eye. Patient was referred to cornea for consideration of intraocular lens exchange. The clinical course is documented in this presentation.

    Presentation Date: 04/22/2021
    Issue Date: 05/07/2021