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    A 76-year-old male that presented to the retina service at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute with left eye pain and elevated intraocular pressure eleven days status post complicated cataract surgery during which he was left aphakic. Of note, the patient was on Aspirin 81mg daily as well as multiple vitamins and herbal supplements. On presentation, visual acuity in the left eye was bare light perception and intraocular pressure was 40 mmHg. Examination was notable for a total hyphema with no view posteriorly. Serial B-scan ultrasounds revealed progressive enlargement of 360-degree non-serous bullous choroidal detachments along with dense vitreous and subhyaloid opacities, representing hemorrhage. The patient underwent surgical drainage of the suprachoroidal hemorrhage, anterior chamber washout and injection of 20% SF6. In the last follow up, the patient’s final visual acuity was still light perception, and intraocular pressure was 5 mmHg. The patient’s clinical course is described alongside surgical videos and a discussion of risk factors, management, and prognosis of suprachoroidal hemorrhage.

    Presentation Date: 09/24/2020
    Issue Date: 02/12/2021