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    A 30-year-old Hispanic female with a history of thyroid disease presented to the Bascom Palmer ER with complaints of blurry vision and eye strain in the left eye while reading for a 1-month duration. Her last eye exam was a decade ago and was normal. She was diagnosed with a primary uveal melanoma of the left eye and underwent an uneventful I-125 plaque brachytherapy with transvitreal biopsy, followed by plaque removal at 72 hours. Systemic imaging studies for negative for metastatic disease. Fine need aspiration biopsy results revealed a Class 1B tumor. The patient developed a vitreous hemorrhage and exudative retinal detachment, associated with marked tumor regression. She required a pars plana vitrectomy with endolaser, fluid-air exchange, silicone oil injection, and subtenon’s kenalog at postoperative month 1. Her postoperative course was challenged by elevated intraocular pressure related to topical steroid use. Her intraocular pressure and inflammation were managed medically, and the patient maintained a good anatomical result in the month following her vitrectomy.

    Presentation Date: 08/20/2020
    Issue Date: 02/05/2021