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    A 62-year-old female 6 weeks after FLACS - AK presented to BPEI- ED for ocular irritation, decreased vision, and photophobia. Her examination disclosed vision = 20/30, focal conjunctival hyperemia and a corneal stromal infiltrate located beneath a mid-peripheral arcuate keratotomy incision. Corneal scrapings for cultures were obtained and she was initially placed on antifungal therapy. Cultures x2 remained negative for microbial growth and the process worsened. A corneal biopsy was performed for additional cultures and after 2 weeks an atypical mycobacterial organism was identified. She was closely monitored on combination anti-mycobacterial therapy and over the course of 3 months her corneal infiltrate has resolved, and she recovered 20/20 vision. Her treatment course is documented with serial imaging in this presentation.

    Presentation Date: 05/28/2020
    Issue Date: 08/01/2020