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    A 3-year-old boy with primary congenital glaucoma OU s/p BVT (x1 OD, x2 OS) presents to clinic with elevated IOP OD despite maximum medical therapy. He undergoes exam under anesthesia with median intraocular pressure (IOP) 37 mm Hg OD. The patient then underwent insertion of non-valved glaucoma drainage device OD. After some difficulty inserting the silicone tubing into the sulcus, the anterior chamber shallowed and IOP increased. Indirect ophthalmoscopy did not show a suprachoroidal hemorrhage. The patient underwent a 25-gauge pars plana vitrectomy with zonulohyaloidoiridectomy and subsequent deepening of the anterior chamber. At last follow-up (post-operative month five), the patient was doing well with IOP OD 20 mmHg on one topical medication.

    Presentation Date: 05/14/2020
    Issue Date: 08/01/2020